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The Ultimate Guide: How to create a strategic color system- Color Schemes

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Now that you have the basic knowledge of color psychology and associations, let’s talk about the color schemes.

When creating color palettes, you have to create harmony. Harmony helps in creating balance in your brand colors and promotes consistency and cohesiveness in your brand. You don’t want a riot or chaos in your brand color palette since it will drive away clients and your audience.

Why Squarespace is the Best Platform for Creative Beginners

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Squarespace is a Content Management System that offers web hosting, domains, email platform and a host of other awesome products!

In simpler terms, it is a drag and drop website builder that makes having a website super easy!

Now that you know what Squarespace is, let me give you reasons as to why you should use Squarespace when first starting your business and if you are looking for a super easy website platform.

How to Start your Brand: Helpful Guide

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Branding refers to the perceived image and the emotional response to a company, its products and services. An identity describes the visual devices used to represent the company. Identity systems are visual components that are paired with style guidelines and are used as a framework to ensure the company’s image is cohesive and consistent.People tend to assume that branding is just for the big companies, but it\’s not. Pretty much everyone is a brand meaning you have to invest time in building your brand, whether you are a big company or a start-up/micro-entrepreneur.

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