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Sustainability is at the forefront of our packaging designs. Together, we will create a sustainable and ethical packaging design that will attract your audience and show your commitment to making the world a better place.

Aurellia Packaging Design

Are You struggling To……?

  • communicate your brand values + goals effectively
  • start/rebrand your business through the right foundations for success
  • proudly show off your brand because of an outdated logo
  • establish yourself strategically in the market due to a lack of strategy
Firebear Creative Studio

How Would It feel To……?

  • have a unique brand identity you are proud of and truly represents you and your business

  • the right foundation to start/rebrand your business so you can achieve your goals

  • make profitable sales because of a strategic brand that works for you every time

  • be recognised as an expert because of a purposeful and strategic brand

  • have the confidence to communicate what your brand is all about through your visual identity

Firebear Creative brand strategy

You Can Have A Unique, Strategic & Purposeful Brand So That You Can Achieve Your Goals

We Can Help You:

  • create a solid band that aligns with your brand values and achieves your goals

  • gain brand clarity through comprehensive and actionable brand strategy

  • start your business through the right foundation setting you up for success

  • feel confident with your brand so that you can market effectively

Brendah Is Ridiculously Talented! She Is Thorough, Invested And Cares. She Puts Her All Into Every Project She Takes On. She Created All-New Branding And A Website For Me. I Couldn’t Be More Pleased. I Highly Recommend Her For All Of Your Branding And Web Design Needs. She Can Do It All

- Kristy Tasca


What is packaging design? In simpler terms, packaging design refers to the creation of the exterior of a product. That includes choices in material and form as well as graphics, colours and fonts that are used on wrapping, a box, a can, a bottle or any kind of container.

Here at Firebear Creative, we believe that packaging isn’t about just having a pretty box. We are all about having a packaging that works for both you and your people, one that represents your brand values & beliefs cohesively and one that helps protect our planet earth.

What it entails

  • An in-depth packaging design questionnaire

  • A packaging design strategy session to establish your brand goals, dreams and vision which will help in the creation of your product packaging design

  • A custom packaging strategy with a beautiful PDF of your product packaging strategy which consists of your packaging design insights, strategy, research & requirements for your product packaging design etc.

  • Creation of dielines for your product packaging

  • Creation of all supporting elements that you require such as packaging tapes, stickers, collateral such as notes, thank you cards, business cards etc, labels, mailers, tissue paper, inserts, tags etc.

  • Print-ready files in all required formats such as JPEG, PNG, AI & PDF

  • *Printing of your packaging + all supporting elements are offered as add-ons

the process

It All Starts By Getting To Know You Better, Creating Unique & Purposeful Strategies That Align With Your Brand Vision & Goals.


We will have a packaging strategy workshop to lay out the foundations of your packaging. Based on your answers, we will conduct research and send you a personalized packaging strategy guide + concepts


After your packaging strategy & creative direction approval, we will design your main packaging + supporting collaterals and guidelines. We can 3D mock-up the concepts if needed/ present them in mock-ups.


After your packaging strategy & creative direction approval, we will design your main packaging + supporting collaterals and guidelines. We can 3D mock-up the concepts if needed/ present them in mock-ups.


You will have all the necessary tools and confidence to launch your beautiful, unique & sustainable packaging!


Our timeline is between 2-24 weeks. Please note that this depends on the project.

For example, a brand identity project can take around two-four weeks to create while web design + development can take up to eight weeks to create.

Your timely communication throughout the process allows for a smoother and faster design experience.

Yes, we do. As long you have a strategic brand identity in place, we can use it to create your website and other supporting designs e.g packaging and print materials

Most definitely. We believe that any business should (and it is very important) have professional branding, whether established or just starting out.

We will help you every step of the way to suit your business needs.

The price depends on the scope of the project, the type of graphics we have to create, and all of the little details that go into making a strategic brand.

We build brands that pay for themselves. If your brand is generating leads that help you increase your sales, isn’t the price of a new brand worth it?

Yes, we do.

Our payment plans come in two different types:

  • 50% first deposit, 30% deposit paid after 3 weeks and the final 20% deposit paid at the end of the project.

  • 50% first deposit and 4 equal payments of 12.5% on a particular day of the month.

about the service
Packaging Design & Strategy

Packaging isn’t about having a pretty box. It’s about creating one that works for you and your people, represents your brand identity and helps protect our planet earth.

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