Simple, Bold & Elegant brand identity design For Ethical, Sustainable And Stylish Brands Ready To Make A Difference

We are a simple brand & creative studio creating visual identity systems that support who you truly are and what you do. Through modern, minimal & elegant design, we transform your values and goals by educating you with the information and tools you need to be clear, consistent, and strategic with your brand.

We combine beauty + function to create visual designs that help our planet.

Our goal is to help build businesses that have a minimal negative effect and an impactful positive effect on the global or local environment, community and workplaces.

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Brand Partnerships & Collaborations

Sustainability it’s at the forefront of our designs. Also, that’s how we run our business.

What do we mean by sustainability?

Our main focus is to create designs, especially packaging design, that will not have a negative impact on current and future generations ability to live a prosperous life.

We seek to educate you on sustainable ways to run your business through the tools and materials you use, especially marketing.

Firebear Creative Sustainability
Kristy Tasca Photography brand identity design

Brand Identity Design

A beautiful brand that will WOW your clients, set you apart from the rest and effectively communicate your purpose.

aurellia home

Website Design

A strategic website that represents your brand’s values and goals effectively and consistently helping you achieve your business goals.

packaging tape

Packaging Design

Together, we’ll create sustainable, ethical and cohesive packaging that attracts your audience and shows your commitment to making the world a better place.

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